The convenient Bride

Chapter 345: I'm Married

Yayoi's parents came back home.


This was an exciting news for Rosiley and Juliet. Before it was time to get off work, they hurriedly took a leave and headed straight to her home.


The moment they saw them, Rosiley and Juliet's eyes immediately turned red.


“Rosiley, Juliet.” Mr. Song smiled gently as usual.


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Mr. Song also looked at them with a smile.


“Mrs. Song!"


Rosiley and Juliet ran over to hug her.


Tears involuntarily fell down their cheeks.


"I miss you so much." Rosiley cried.


“Me too.” Juliet also choked.


At the bottom of her heart, Rosiley regarded Mrs. Song as her mother.


Her mother left when she was little. After knowing Yayoi, she felt maternal love from Yayoi's mother, so her parents occupied a very important position in her heart.


“Good girl, why are you crying? We have returned safely.” Mrs. Song's eyes turned red as she gently stroked their backs.


"Dad, Mom, I'm back.” Yayoi went out for a while, but when she came back, she saw the three people crying together, and she also felt sad.


This was too emotional.


She walked over and just looked at Rosiley and Juliet with tears streaming down.


She chuckled and said helplessly, "Wipe your tears. My parents are back. This is something worth celebrating. Don't cry anymore.”


She knew that they cried out of excitement, but she could not bear the atmosphere. She would cry if they kept doing it. lt was too funny for them to cry like that.


Mrs. Song let go of Rosiley and Juliet. She wiped away her tears and pretended to be angry with Yayoi. She said with a smile, “What did you say, girl?"


Yayoi stuck out her tongue and smiled without saying a word.