The convenient Bride

Chapter 342: We Are on the Same Side

Rorey failed to get help from Rosiley, but the good news was heard from the company.


Hanson had arranged a role for her in the new movie. Although she only appeared in one scene, Rorey did not care. As long as she could act in Hanson's movie, it could be considered as a dramatic progress.


It turned out that her efforts in this period of time were not in vain. It had cost her a lot of money to have meals and go shopping with Hanson's wife.


It was fairly well known within the industry that Hanson loved his wife with all his heart and soul. Since his wife was a vain woman, Rorey won her favor only by buying her a few luxurious bags.


The money she spent was really worth it.


Rorey put on a smug smile. This was only the first preparation she made to return to the entertainment industry.


One day, she would become as famous as Alfred.


“What? Is Hanson crazy?"


When Rosiley told Maddox that Rorey was going to star in a new movie, the latter cried out in shock. It was rather unbelievable!


Rosiley curled her lips and said, "I also think he's crazy."


Just like Lina had said, Rorey had such a bad reputation that whoever got involved with her would be unlucky.


This was the first time for TEG and REG to cooperate in making a movie. If Rorey starred in the movie, it would be a waste of the company's money.


“We cannot let this happen. I have to persuade Hanson to give up this crazy idea.”


As he spoke, Maddox picked up the phone on the table. With his head down, he began to look for Hanson's contact number.


Rosiley looked at him quietly, waiting for him to call Hanson and ask him to give up on Rorey.


However, after a while, Maddox looked up at her and smiled awkwardly. "Rosiley, I don't have any contact information for Hanson."