The convenient Bride

Chapter 340: I Will Never Give up

Juliet was thinking that if she had known that the man sitting at the bar was Ethan, she would not have been angry with Payton and thought of such an idea.


But there was no if in this world.


Looking at Ethan in front of her, Juliet curled her lips into a mocking smile. "I forgot to consult a fortune teller before when I went out today.”


Hearing this, Ethan frowned and his eyes darkened.


"Hello, Mr. Ethan.” Unlike Juliet, Payton greeted him politely.


Ethan forced a smile. “Hello.”

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Payton smiled, then turned to Charlotte and said, “Charlotte, let's not disturb Mr. Ethan anymore. Let's go back.’


Although she was still somewhat dissatisfied with Payton, compared to Ethan, that bit of dissatisfaction was nothing.


Juliet held Payton's hand and did not look at Ethan again. She turned around and left with Payton.


Ethan turned to look at them, his gaze falling on the hands they were holding together, and his eyes gloomy.


“Don't be too impulsive in the future, in case you encounter such an awkward situation like today.” Payton could almost imagine how funny her expression would be the moment she saw Ethan.


He knew that she hated Ethan.


“I'm impulsive?" Juliet coldly glanced at him, "Didn't you provoke me?"


He casually hugged another girl and didn't take his girlfriend serious at all.


Payton smiled and raised his right hand. "Alright. I promise you. I will definitely keep a distance from other girls in the future and will not have any physical contact with them.’


"Can I believe your promise?" It was easier said than done.


"If I make another mistake, you can punish me as you like.” Payton raised his hand and hugged her. He turned his head and smiled at her. “Is it okay?”