The convenient Bride

Chapter 333: Will You Get Married?

"I don't want to go back to the hotel. I want to be with Sachin."


Regardless of how Payton tried to persuade her, Charlotte wouldn't go with him. Instead, she hugged Sachin tightly, and no one was able to pull them apart.


Sachin looked helpless.


Rosiley sensed how Sachin was feeling by looking at his expression, and put on a wry face.


If Charlotte hadn't been drunk, Rosiley and Juliet would have thought that she did it on purpose.


Everyone being out of tricks, Rosiley said, "Well, let her come home with us. When she sobers up tomorrow, we'll send her back to the hotel.”


There was no other way.


Payton helped Charlotte get into Rosiley's car and watched them leave.


"Payton, can you not bring your sister next time?"


Thinking of the farce just now, Juliet couldn't help but be a little angry.


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Payton rubbed his aching temples and said helplessly, "I didn't know it would be like this. I wouldn't let her drink when she goes out with me again.”


Wine always managed to screw things up.


Juliet saw how uncomfortable he felt when he rubbed his temples and frowned.


She curled her lips and pretended to ask casually, "Are you unwell?"


Hearing that, Payton looked up and put on a mocking smile. "Are you caring about me?"


"No." Juliet looked away in embarrassment.


Why did she always think of one thing and speak another? Did she think he was too blind to see the worry in her eyes?


Payton chuckled softly, then held her hand, and clasped fingers with her.