The convenient Bride

Chapter 330: Is Pretending to Be Sick OK?

After Xenia finally got out of the detention center, she was in hospital.


To Xenia, the hospital was just a different place for her to be imprisoned.


This somehow annoyed her.


"Rorey, can't I go home?" Xenia looked at Rorey doubtfully.


Knowing that she was unhappy, Rorey comforted her, "Mom, this is a special situation. Just hold your horses for now. We'll go home in a while.”


"Can we really go home?" Xenia did not believe what she said.


Rorey smiled helplessly, "Mom, of course we can. When the time comes, I'll tell the hospital that you only need to go home and rest."


Xenia frowned. "Will this do—pretending to be sick like this? Will Rosiley and the others believe me?"


“With the hospital's certificate, how can they not believe it?” Even if Rosiley didn't believe it, what could she do?




No matter how many times they examined Xenia, the result would be the same.


Therefore, Rorey wasn't afraid that Rosiley wouldn't believe it.




Xenia wanted to say something else, but Rorey directly interrupted her, "Mom, don't worry. Dad arranged all this. There's absolutely no problem."


"You father?" Xenia frowned. Then, her eyes widened and she exclaimed, "You went to see him?"


"Yes, I have." Rorey nodded.


“Mom, why didn't you tell me earlier that there is such a powerful person around us all this time? If you had told me earlier that the Tang Group is mine, I wouldn't have broken up with Yunis."


Rorey was complaining that her mother didn't tell her anything about her biological father. She was blaming Xenia for losing everything.