The convenient Bride

Chapter 329: I'll Teach You How to Kiss

“Payton, what are you doing?"


In the quiet corridor, Payton took Juliet's hand and walked forward at a fast pace.


Juliet tried her best to break away from his hand. Anger filled her pretty face.


“Payton, let go of me!"


Juliet shouted at the tall figure in front of her.


Suddenly, Payton stopped. Before Juliet could react, she spun around, and then hit the wall with her back.


She frowned in pain. She raised her head and saw Payton approaching her. Payton put his hands on both sides of her head, and his black eyes were shining.


He was very close, and Juliet could smell the cold minty freshness of him. Payton was a handsome man. Now, with the spotlight above falling on his face, his facial features looked even more finely-carved.


Juliet's heart began to beat wildly.


She blinked her eyes and took a deep breath to calm herself down. Then, she asked, “Payton, what do you mean?"


Payton raised his eyebrows slightly as he curled corner of his lips. He replied, "What do you think I mean?"


"I... How do I know?" Juliet glared at him angrily.


“You just had a good chat with Allen.”


Payton suddenly changed the topic. Juliet was surprised for a moment before she replied him defiantly, “Didn't you also have a good time with Charlotte?"


Hearing this, Payton couldn't help but laugh, "Miss Elton, Charlotte is my sister. Why couldn't I have a good time with her?”


"Sister?" Juliet sneered, "Do you really think of her as your sister?"


“What does it look like?” Payton asked.


Juliet fell silent for a moment and then said indifferently, "You two are not related by blood.”


Payton was a smart person. He immediately understood what she meant.