The convenient Bride

Chapter 325: That's His Wife

At supper, the restaurant was already filled with people and there were no seats left.


Rosiley and Juliet walked into the restaurant. The waiter greeted them with an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry. There are no more seats available inside. Please take a seat and wait outside.”


"We're not here to have meal. We're here to find someone." Juliet looked around the restaurant and continued to ask, “Is there a guest named Payton?”


“Payton?” The waiter frowned and thought for a moment. Then he smiled and nodded, “Yes. This way, please”


Rosiley and Juliet followed behind the waiter towards the innermost part of the restaurant.

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Payton and the others sat in the corner near the window. Rosiley saw Payton, Sachin, and the woman with her back to Sachin at a glance.


Rosiley didn't know what they were talking. Payton smiled happily. The woman smiled as she leaned towards Sachin and leaned her head on his shoulder.


Sachin did not push her away.


Rosiley put on a serious face and became unhappy. She fixed at them who were leaning against each other.


When Juliet saw Payton smiled happily, she frowned and reached out to grab the waiter.


The waiter turned around and looked at her doubtfully.


"We have seen them. We can go there by ourselves. Thank you.”


Hearing what she said, the waiter nodded slightly at them and said, "Have a nice meal.” Then the waiter walked away.


Then Juliet pulled Rosiley over there.


"You've had a terrible sense of direction since you were a child. I didn't expect that you would still have a terrible sense of direction when you grow up. As expected, you've grown up, but your brain hasn't grown up."


Payton looked at Charlotte with a smile, and he was indeed a vicious gossip.