The convenient Bride

Chapter 323: Rival in Love

“Yayoi.” Vito blocked Yayoi's path.


Yayoi looked up at him coldly and asked with irony, "Vito, do you think it's fun to tease me?"


“No, Yayoi. I'm not teasing you.” Vito was anxious. “I really can't forget you. I love you and want to chase you again.’


“Is that so?" Yayoi raised her eyebrows, “Then why don't you dare to tell Candance?"


"It .. Because she's pregnant.”


"Pregnant?" Yayoi sneered and looked at him with even colder eyes. "Since she's pregnant, then you should live your whole life with her. Don't bother me anymore."


With that, Yayoi no longer looked at Vito, moved round him, and walked into the building without a backward glance.


Vito stood there and his face clouded over. His hands tightly clenched. His eyes filled with anger.


He wouldn't give up on Yayoi.


It was annoying!


She first met Damari and then Vito today. Did these two men disturb her on purpose?


Upon returning home, Yayoi seemed to be exhausted and lay on the sofa.


She had intended to close her eyes and rest for a while. But as long as she closed her eyes, Damari's face would appear in her mind, which annoyed her.


She got up from the sofa, sat down cross-legged, and leaned against the sofa.


"Yayoi, will you believe me if I say I have difficulties?”


Damari's question seemed to be ringing in her ears.


She chuckled and muttered to herself, “Of course I will. Why don't I believe it?"


What kind of difficulties was it that made him not contact her for so many years, not even her parents? It was as if he did not 

exist in the world.


When they met again, he denied that he was Hallie and treated her like a stranger.


She had been sad for a long time. Now, he admitted it. But she didn't care anymore!