The convenient Bride

Chapter 319: I'm Taking My Boyfriend Home

Tracy looked at their interaction and her eyes were gloomy. She stood up and said indifferently, "I'm tired. I'm going back to my room to rest."


Hearing this, Payton subconsciously asked her, "Shall I help you in?”


“Payton!” Juliet called in a low voice.


"What's the matter?” Payton had a look of incomprehension.


“Lam the one who can help her. Is it appropriate for you to enter a woman's room as a man?"


Juliet rolled her eyes at Payton and then walked over to help Tracy. However, Tracy dodged.


Juliet frowned and her hands froze in midair.


Tracy realized that she had gone too far. She quickly forced a smile and explained, "Juliet, just go back with Payton. I can take care of myself.”


Juliet stared at Tracy. If her eyes did not deceive her just now, she had clearly seen the disgust in Tracy's eyes.


Tracy hated her?


Juliet gently bit her lips and glanced at Payton. She could probably guess the reason.


Then, a grin spread across Juliet's face, “Alright. Payton and I will go back first. Call me if you need anything.”


With that, she turned around and walked to Payton. She narrowed her eyes and the tone in her voice brooked no rejection. 


"Payton, let's go back first.”


"But..." Payton was worried about Tracy staying at home alone.


Juliet did not give him the chance to hesitate and directly grabbed his hand and walked towards the door.


“Juliet, what are you doing?" Payton shook her hand off with displeasure.


Juliet turned back and looked at Tracy over Payton, who was standing not far away. A trace of light flashed through her eyes.


Juliet turned around and stepped forward to grab his tie. She pulled the tie and Payton had to lean forward.


Her lips touched his.