The convenient Bride

Chapter 317: Rorey Doesn't Want to Let You and Me off

The afternoon sun shone through the floor-to-ceiling glass into the coffee shop on the table nearby, reflecting the resplendent lights.


Rosiley listened to Juliet telling the story quietly. After a while, she slowly said, "Payton brought that girl to the charity party because he couldn't find another partner. He had no other choice. Juliet, calm down, okay?”


“I’m not getting nervous. It's just..." Juliet pondered a while for words. "I just ... feel a little uncomfortable”


Rosiley smiled and said, "I understand. But you can't restrain your feelings for Payton. Therefore, why don't you confess your love to Payton before he has a girlfriend or a girl he has a crush on? The most important thing is to seize the moment.’


“But what if he doesn't like me?” Juliet also considered telling Payton about her love, but she was just afraid of being turned down. So she didn't dare to speak.


"Then arouse his love for you.”


It seemed very easy, but actually was hard to do.


Juliet fell silent. She lowered her head and looked at the brown beverage in the cup. She seemed to be a bit hesitant.


"Juliet, give it a try. Maybe Payton likes you too.”


Hearing Rosiley's words, Juliet bit her lips and finally made up her mind.


‘if I don't have a try, how do I know how it will turn out?’


‘lf it ends badly, I'll try hard to turn it into a good end’


Rosiley returned to the company after having a cup of coffee with Juliet. She and was told that someone was here for her.


Rosiley was a bit surprised, wondering who would come to the company for her.


Rosiley entered the meeting room and saw the person who was sitting there waiting for her. She raised her eyebrows and slowly walked over. She pulled her chair and sat opposite the person.


The person on the other side wore a cap, sunglasses, and a mask. It was hard for others to recognize her.


But Rosiley did.


"Hazel, you come here for me just to show me this outfit?"


Then that person immediately took off her sunglasses and mask, revealing a haggard and beautiful face without makeup.