The convenient Bride

Chapter 315: From an Angel-like Actress to a Mistress

At the sight of Emma's actions, Rosiley couldn't help but chuckle and then introduced them to each other.


She pointed at Juliet and Yayoi, "These are Juliet and Yayoi, my best friends."


Then, she looked at Emma and told Juliet and Yayoi, "This is Emma. You must have heard about her.”


Juliet raised her eyebrows and said, "Of course. Miss Emma Shawn is a trending topic on Weibo."


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Although Emma was young, she was not an idiot. She told the ridicule in Juliet's words and looked somewhat embarrassed. 


With an awkward smile, Emma said to Rosiley, "Sorry for the trouble I've caused to you."


“It's not a big deal.” Rosiley shot daggers at Juliet and then continued with a gentle smile, “I really appreciate your efforts. If it weren't for you, a clarification statement only won't do."


Emma smiled with embarrassment. “It's my pleasure. This is what I should do.”


Rosiley smiled and looked up at Juliet and Yayoi. Noticing the dissatisfaction on their faces, Rosiley cast them an angry glance. "Hey, stop talking nonsense. Emma did help me much."


Juliet and Yayoi glanced at each other and curled their lips, giving tacit consent to Rosiley.


Rosiley revealed a satisfied smile. Then, she turned to look at Emma and asked, "When are you going back to the set?”


"Early tomorrow morning.” Emma replied with a smile.


Rosiley nodded, "Is everything going on well?”


"Yes, but my part will be completed in a while.” Emma took a sip of tea, hesitated for a moment, and then asked, "I heard that the Tang Group is going to film a TV show. Is that true?"


"Yes, that's the plan."


"Has the cast been decided?" Emma asked.