The convenient Bride

Chapter 306: She Is Making Trouble for No Reason

"Payton, there you are.’


Hearing this, Payton and the girl simultaneously turned their heads to look at the speaker, only to see Juliet standing not far away and staring at them with a faint smile.


Tonight, Juliet was in a well-fitting light blue dress, which flattered her good figure. With makeup, she looked more charming. 

As she smiled, her clear and beautiful eyes shone with attractive light.


Payton's eyes flashed with astonishment. He knew how beautiful Juliet was. But tonight, she was stunning.


“Juliet!” The girl beside Payton shouted in surprise.


Juliet noticed that there was a girl sitting beside Payton.


Juliet looked over and rounded her eyes wide in surprise. She slowly walked up to them and uncertainly called out, "Tracy?"


"Yes, it's me.” Tracy put on a big smile, obviously revealing her happiness. “Juliet, I'm so surprised to see you here."


Tracy was here with Payton. Could it be....


Juliet concealed her thoughts and smiled at Tracy. "I came with my father. What about you? Are you also invited?"


Juliet seemed to ask very casually, but it slightly sounded like she was probing.


Tracy did not realize it and answered truthfully, "Payton dragged me here. He said that he needed a date and he asked me for help. So, I came.”


Juliet had already guessed that this was the case, but she still felt jealous. She smiled less heartily, and her gaze at Payton became a little cold.


"Payton, isn't it easy for you to find a date? Why do you ask Tracy for help? She's my friend, not yours.”


Juliet couldn't help but ask bluntly.


Payton frowned. Even a fool could tell that Juliet was unhappy.


But why was she unhappy? Did Juliet mind his bringing Tracy, who was her friend, to the party? Or Juliet was unhappy that he came with Tracy?


Before Payton could figure it out, Tracy got anxious.