The convenient Bride

Chapter 303: Make Our Relationship Public

Rosiley didn't buy the revealing dress.


Even if she wanted to buy it, Sachin would not agree.


How could he allow her to be so scantily dressed in public? Her beauty could only belong to him alone.


Well, it was out of his overbearing possessiveness.


After walking out of the studio, Juliet leaned forward and whispered in Rosiley's ear, "Rosiley, take care of yourself at night."


Rosiley was puzzled and didn't understand what she meant.


It wasn't until she returned home that she understood what Juliet meant.


She and Sachin walked into the room one after another.


"Sachin, I want...”


Before she could finish her sentence, her wrist was grabbed, and she felt the world spin. By the time she reacted, she was already pressed against the door.


His tall body pressed down on her tightly.


Her fair cheeks flushed slightly. Although they had already made love many times, she still felt shy.


“I haven't taken a bath yet,’ She whispered and tried to push him away.


She looked down to avoid any eye contact.


His black eyes narrowed, he pinched her chin, raised it, and saw her beautiful eyes. He slowly smiled, "I don't mind.”


His kisses became more and more passionate. The dress slipped down and scattered at her feet like a blooming flower.


The mischievous wind slipped in through the window and danced with the curtains, and the wall lamp projected the light on the wall, reflecting a pair of overlapping figures on the bed.