The convenient Bride

Chapter 302: Touch Your Woman

The child was safe.


Hearing what the doctor said to Vito, Yayoi was finally relieved.


Her hands couldn't help but tremble. Her tense expression relaxed right now, and her tears fell down her cheeks.


"It's okay, Yayoi.” Rosiley hugged her and comforted her gently.


"That child is lucky enough.” Juliet pouted, but Rosiley glared at her.


She stuck out her tongue and explained, "I mean this child is strong enough.”


When Candance was sent to the ward, Rosiley and the others did not follow her. Instead, they directly left.


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Yayoi had received a phone call from Maddox. He knew that they were in the hospital and wanted to come over, but she stopped him and told him to wait at the Imperial Plaza.


Thus, after leaving the hospital, they drove directly to the Imperial Plaza.


"What happened?" Upon seeing them, Payton asked.


Payton felt that it was strange. Didn't they go to pick out a dress? Why did they go to the hospital?


"Can we catch our breath before answering you?" Juliet glared at him.


Payton knew that he was pushy and smiled awkwardly, "Alright, you guys take a breath first. I'll ask you later.”


But before he could ask, Rosiley had told them everything.


“What's the matter with that Candance?" This was Payton's first reaction.


"Not only is she crazy, she is simply a bitch!” Juliet drank a large mouthful of water and said angrily.


Maddox frowned. He turned to look at Yayoi worriedly and asked with concern, "Are you okay?”


Yayoi nodded, "I'm fine.”


"lf you see Candace again, stay away from her,’ Maddox instructed. He really didn't want her to have too much to do with Candance and Vito.