The convenient Bride

Chapter 301: The Child Is Innocent

After leaving the wedding gown studio, Rosiley and the others did not return home. Instead, they went to the hospital.


Along the way, Juliet repeated that she did not approve of Yayoi going to the hospital to see Candance.


Yayoi quietly looked out of the window, allowing her to speak without saying a word.


She understood what Juliet meant. In Juliet's opinion, Candance should blame herself for such a thing and could not blame anyone else.


But she didn't go to see Candance. She went to see the child.


The child was innocent.


Right now, as long as she closed her eyes, her mind would be filled with that horrifying red. She felt uneasy. If she didn't take a look, she really wouldn't be able to feel at ease for the rest of her life.


When they arrived at the emergency department of the hospital, they asked the nurse and learned that Candance had been sent to the operating room for emergency treatment.


Thus, they hurried to the operating room.


There, they saw Vito.


Vito also saw them.


"What are you doing here?”


Vito's face was gloomy as he looked at them with icy cold eyes.


Rosiley frowned slightly, glanced at the operating room with the lights on, and then explained why they came.


“We come to show our concern for Candance.”


"Concern?" Vito sneered, "If it weren't for you, would this have happened to Candance? Show your concern? Stop pretending!"


Juliet, who was unwilling to come, was enraged when she heard this. She shouted at him, "Vito, it was Candance who offended us first. How could you blame us?”


"Juliet!" Yayoi whispered.