The convenient Bride

Chapter 300: Have You No Shame

Enemies were bound to meet on a narrow road.


Rosiley raised her eyebrows and turned to look at Yayoi and Juliet. "Just ignore her. Let's pick our dress.


She was reluctant to deal with Candance. Yayoi and Juliet understood.


So they all withdrew their gazes and continued to pick out their gowns.


Seeing them ignore her, Candance felt uncomfortable.


Well, they turned a deaf ear to her, right? Then how could she let them off so easily?


Candance took a deep breath and arrogantly walked over to them. She looked at the dress they were looking at and sneered, "Oh, who is this? Isn't this the daughter of an embezzler? Are you going to use the money your parents embezzled to buy such an expensive dress? How could you have the cheek to do this! You're shameless!"


Just as Candance said in a voice dripping with sarcasm, Yayoi gave her a slap.


It sounded very crisp and loud in the shop.


Yayoi was so angry that her entire body trembled. She angrily shouted at her, "You are not allowed to say anything about my parents!”


All of this happened too quickly.


Rosiley and Juliet were both a little dumbfounded. When they heard Candance’s insulting words, they were just about to get angry, but Yayoi already raised her hand and slapped Candance.


“Yayoi, how dare you hit me!" Candance covered her cheek in pain as she glared at Yayoi. The hatred filled her eyes as if she wanted to tear her apart.


Seeing this, Rosiley and Juliet hurriedly protected Yayoi and stood in front of Candance like two guardians of Yayoi.


Vito walked over. He supported Candance and asked with concern, “Candance, are you alright?"