The convenient Bride

Chapter 298: She Didn't Want to Part with Him

Juliet entered the study carrying the fruit. Seeing her father and Payton playing Go, she gently placed the fruit plate on the desk and walked over to sit beside Payton.


Payton turned to her and gave her a warm smile. Then, he focused on the board again.


Ebenezer looked at Juliet and asked indifferently, “Why don't you keep your mother company?”


“She wants to watch TV and asks me not to bother her." Juliet found it funny thinking of how her mother had forced her to go upstairs. She knew her mother was worried that Payton couldn't get along well with her father.


However, it seemed that her mother's worry was unnecessary.


From Juliet's perspective, they got along well with each other during the game.


Their game was diamond cut diamond. One game took an hour.


The game ended up with Ebenezer's failure.


He lost by half a point.


“Thank you, Mr. Elton." Payton looked at Ebenezer humbly and smiled slightly, his eyes full of gentleness.


Ebenezer looked up at Payton indifferently. It was hard for others to tell his emotion.


However, Payton could sense he was considering.


Payton couldn't help but frown. He didn't expect Juliet's father was so subtle that he failed to understand him.


Payton pondered when looking at Ebenezer, who lowered his head to tidy up the chess pieces.


Ebenezer's silence made Juliet feel a little uneasy. She gently pushed Payton.


Payton turned to her in puzzlement.


“Why did you win the game?" she whispered to him.


Payton was helpless and said, "I don't want to win." He would rather have lost the game.