The convenient Bride

Chapter 294: Don't Be Shy If You Like Him

Rosiley was just joking. She lowered her head to have the soup as she finished. She did not notice that Juliet's expression instantly changed when she heard her words.

Juliet frowned and pondered for a moment before asking, "Rosiley, who do you think he will go with?"

"What?" She raised her head. Seeing Juliet's serious face, Rosiley immediately realized what she was thinking. She was amused, "Juliet, don't tell me that you mind Payton bringing a date."

"I do mind.” Juliet replied calmly.

Rosiley laughed, "Juliet, you are just pretending to be lovers. You have no right to prevent him from taking anyone to the party."

"But I like him."

That was a good reason.

Rosiley smiled and shook her head, "Juliet, I know you like him. But in spite of the contract, you are single. He can go to the party with anyone

he likes. Do you understand?"

Juliet was annoyed and put with a long face, "Rosiley, are you my best friend or not?”

"Yes." Rosiley nodded.

"Then why are you speaking for Payton?” Almost everything she said was from Payton's point of view, which made Juliet upset.

Rosiley raised her eyebrows. "I'm not speaking for him. I'm just being objective."

To tell the truth, she didn't want Juliet to fall for Payton before they knew about his attitude. Otherwise, if Payton ended up being with someone else, Juliet would not be able to bear it.

With such concerns, she would rather be a sober person to remind Juliet when romance went to her head.

Juliet bit her lip and glared at Rosiley discontentedly.