The convenient Bride

Chapter 288: I Don't Want You to Get Hurt

After Rosiley left, Payton turned his head and glared at Juliet with displeasure. "Miss Elton, did you mock me just now by saying the hero and beauty thing?"

Juliet stared at him and did not answer his question. Instead, she changed the topic and said, "Payton, let's go for a drink."

Payton was stunned, then he directly rejected her, "No, I'm very busy.’

There was a trace of disappointment in her eyes. Juliet pretended to be unrestrained, shrugged her shoulders and said, "Alright, forget it.”

Payton thought that she would pester him and force him to agree to accompany her to drink, but he didn't expect that she would give up so easily.

This made Payton very dissatisfied. He wanted to say something, but he saw her brush past him and didn't even look at him.

For some reason, he felt displeased.

He turned around and watched her get into her car. Then, she started the car and left, leaving him standing there dumbfounded.

When Rosiley returned home, Sasha was still making dinner, so Rosiley went upstairs to change into her comfortable home clothes and went to the kitchen to help.

When Sasha saw her, Sasha smiled kindly. "Rosiley, I can do this. Please go out and watch TV. When Sachin comes back, we can have dinner.”

"It's alright, Sasha. I can help you and learn some cooking at the same time." Rosiley blinked playfully at Sasha, then took the basket containing the vegetables Sasha had trimmed to the sink and started washing the vegetables.

Sasha smiled and said nothing when she saw Rosiley's persistence.

Rosiley helped Sasha prepare dinner, and Sachin also went home.

Hearing the sound at the entrance, Rosiley put the bowls on the dining table and ran out in a hurry.

Sachin put on his slippers and looked up to see his beloved wife wearing an apron, looking at him with a smile.

He was happy. He walked over and asked softly, "Did you help Sasha again?"

"Yes." Rosiley nodded and took the briefcase in his hand. "Go upstairs, get changed and come down to eat.”

"Alright." Sachin kissed her on her forehead and went upstairs past her.

Rosiley touched her forehead, revealing a sweet and happy smile.

Sachin changed his clothes and came down, just in time to see Sasha walking in with someone.