The convenient Bride

Chapter 286: Fix Our Relationship

Seeing Sachin's car leave, Raye signed, "Mr. Sachin is as unreachable as the rumors Say."

Rosiley turned her head and looked Raye up and down. She nodded and said, "Indeed, he is much taller than you."

Sachin was more than 1.8 meters tall, while Raye was only 1.7 meters tall. There was indeed a gap between them.

Raye curled his lips with dissatisfaction and said, "I'm not talking about the difference in height!"

"I know. I'm just joking with you." Rosiley patted him on the shoulder and said, "The video is done. Let's go back and write the


Meeting Sachin at the sports center was just an episode for Rosiley. However, for Raye, it was a great thing to be proud of.

"He is so handsome!"

As soon as Raye returned to the company, he bragged to his colleagues about seeing Sachin and kept praising Sachin's handsome appearance.

"Mr. Sachin is very charming. He is like a prince from a comic book. I am attracted to him." The one who said this was Charlene, who was also an intern like Raye. She was holding her face in both hands, and her eyes sparkled.

"Lam is crazy about him, too.” Another female colleague also showed her affection, and even sang a song, "Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you, like I never ever loved no one before you..."

Rosiley looked at them speechlessly. They had been poisoned by a poison called "Sachin." And they were completely obsessed with Sachin beauty.

Sachin was her man. She was quite proud that Sachin was praised.

However, this also had an impact on the work.

So she got up and quietly walked behind Raye. Raye didn't know and kept on talking, "He smiled at me. If I were a woman, I would definitely be obsessed with him...’

Rosiley indifferently looked at the few people besides Raye. They all smiled awkwardly and hurriedly returned to their seats to work.

Raye shouted at them in surprise, "Hey, I'm still speaking. Why did you run away? You don't show me any respect.’

Others thought, 'l want to show you respect, but I can't!’

Just as Raye finished shouting, he was heavily knocked on the head.