The convenient Bride

Chapter 284: Counterattack Forcefully

Candance was worried that if the Young Group went under, she would no longer be the daughter of a rich family.

Vito was worried that if the Young Group went under, then his ambitions would fail.

He betrayed Yayoi and hooked up with Candance because he wanted to get the Young Group.

He knew that Candance was President Young's beloved youngest daughter. President Young even said that he would leave the Young Group to her youngest daughter after he died.

Therefore, Vito did everything he could to hook up with Candance. As long as President Young died, Candance would get the Young Group.

That meant Vito would also get the Young Group if he married Candance.

However, the best-laid schemes of mice and men often went astray.

No one had expected that the Young Group would be on the verge of bankruptcy due to the rupture of the capital chain.

The capital chain ruptured because of Vito and Candance.

Therefore, Vito was eager to solve the problem of the Young Group's capital.

Godber looked at the two young men with a gimlet-eye. From their solemn expressions, it could be seen that they were worried that the Young Group would go bankrupt, and then they would no longer have superior lives.

"Candance." Godber called out.

Candance looked up at him.

Said, "Go back and tell your dad that someone wants to invest in a few projects of our company, but only if we give him 30% stake of the company."

"30%?" Candance and Vito exclaimed at the same time, staring at Godber in disbelief.

"Yes, that man said that he will only transfer the money to our company account if we give him the shares.”

Candance frowned, "He is fishing in troubled waters."

Thirty percent meant that the man would have the right to demand a re-election of the chairman of the board, and then the Young Group would be in the risk of changing ownership.

Her father wouldn't agree to such a risky thing.

Godber read her mind and said, "If your father doesn't agree, the company has to go bankrupt."