The convenient Bride

Chapter 281: Two Scapegoats

It was getting dark.

When Maddox walked into Dream Nightclub, he saw a scene that was no different from ordinary bars.

Amanina suit greeted him. "Are you Mr. Shen?"

Maddox glanced at him indifferently, "Where are they?"

When the man saw Maddox walk in alone with an extraordinary appearance, he walked over and tried to make sure whether Maddox was the one his boss was waiting for. He didn't expect that he had made a good guess.

Suddenly, the man made a flattering smile. He bent over and made a gesture to show the direction, "Mr. Shen, please follow me.”

Maddox followed the man as he watched the liveliness in the bar.

Maddox looked at the surroundings with acute observations. Maddox knew that disgusting deals were behind the seemingly normal and lively scene.

However, all of this would come to an end tonight.

The man led him to a private room on the second floor and said with a smile, "Mr. Young is there. He has been waiting for you for a long time.”

As he spoke, the man opened the door. Maddox saw an obscene scenario in the private room.

Several women who were scantily clad were dancing with every movement seductive.

A few middle-aged men with chubby figures were sitting on the sofa, staring at those women. Their expressions were extremely vulgar as their saliva was almost flowing out of their mouths.

The person Maddox was looking for was sitting in the middle.

Maddox wanted to meet Godber, the current general manager of the Young Group.

If it wasn't for Yayoi, Maddox would turn around and leave at once.

The man who brought Maddox in walked in and talked to Godber. Then, Godber looked towards the door.

The moment he saw Maddox, Godber became excited. He quickly stood up and walked towards Maddox, stopping in front of Maddox. An oily smile appeared on Godber's chubby face, "Mr. Shen, I feel honored to meet you!"

As Godber spoke, he extended his hand towards Maddox.

Maddox frowned slightly, ignoring Godber's hand, and walked in past Godber.

The smile on Godber's face disappeared instantly, while a trace of malice flashed through his eyes.

Afterwards, Godber turned around and put up on his flattering smile.

He saw Maddox sitting down in the corner and hurried to arrange the dancing women, "What are you dancing for? Didn't you see that the guest has arrived? Don't you know how to greet a guest?"

Hearing this, the women stopped to look at Maddox. They were all surprised.

What a handsome man!