The convenient Bride

Chapter 278: You're Playing with Firea Lion




It wasn't just Rosiley and the others who were shocked, even Payton was dumbfounded.


Payton did not expect her to directly announce their relationship. He was instantly frozen.


After a while, Rosiley regained her senses, "Juliet, today is not April Fool's Day."


They would argue whenever they met, how could they date?


Stop joking!


"It's true." Juliet smiled and walked to Payton's side. She held his arm affectionately and said, "It was today when we fell for each other and decided to have a try."


Afterwards, she turned to look at Payton and asked with a cunning smile, "Payton, is that true?"


Being led by the nose, Payton could only nod. "Yes, that's true.”


After he finished speaking, he let go of his hand that was covering Diego's mouth. Diego, who regained his freedom, immediately cried out,

"Holy shit, it turns out to be his girlfriend. I wondered why Payton was so nervous. It turned out that he was afraid that his girlfriend would be taken advantage of."


Payton looked at him coldly. "Could you please hold your tongue?"


When Juliet heard Diego's words, there were complex emotions in her eyes, but she soon calmed down.


"Congratulations, bro." Allen stood up and walked forward. He clenched his fists and gently pushed Payton on his chest. "As expected, you learnt from your brother. You found a girlfriend so soon."