The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 5 Became someone's secretary


Miya interviewed the design director of Alex Group today. She has been studying design by herself for six years. Sometimes she learnt from her grandmother. Although her mother divorced with her father, her grandmother, a famous designer, loves her very much. And now her grandmother is retired at home.


Miya, come in!


The interviewer suddenly shouted in the house. Miya held tight her hands and took a deep breath before she walked in calmly.


The interviewer looked Miya up and down before letting her sit down.


After a glance at the files in her hand and a few questions, the interviewer told her that she could go back to wait for the phone. In fact, their director of advertising design has been recruited, but such an excellent candidate Miya, as well as the design sheets in her hand, they are reluctant to let go because she is really a talented person.


Miya rose gracefully, nodded to them with a smile and turned away.