The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 1 One-night surrogacy

It was late night now.

The weather was gloomy.

Darkness engulfed the whole sky after a heavy cloud drifted it.

Miya lay naked on her soft bed, surrounded by endless darkness. She was sent in. She did not know where it was, nor who she would be for the next second. Her heart was still beating uncontrollably though she managed to calmed down for a while.

Suddenly, a cloud of powerful footstep came from the corridor and it was approaching, which shocked Miya’'s heart.

Followed by the screwing sound of the doorknob, then the door opened. Nothing but a dim light went through the door with a loom shadow of strong man.

A cold wind came together, and she shrouded herself.

“I...” Miya stuttered when she felt the arrogant man’s proud, which indicated that he doesn't want any talk with her.

“Are you scare?” the man’ s voice is cold but pleasant, combing with a sense of despise.

Miya’s heart ached suddenly, but what qualifications did she have to fear for her own choice? However, what she didn't expect was that the man's voice was so young and pleasant.