The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 921 Anson Comes in Time

The director is agitated. Ever since Rory let go of John, she has been rushing around, so the director has been following behind Rory. She doesn't expect that Rory still comes to see Alex after having a car accident. Therefore, the director has called Bruce in panic.

But when they arrive here, they find that Rory is lying on the ground.

"It's your fault. You kill my daughter. Return my daughter to me."

Rory is already dead, about which Alex and Miya feels very guilty. They just want to leave, but now Rory dies in front of them.

Miya's face is wet with tears. She hasn't foreseen that things would turn out this way.

Alex recovers from shock. He knows that he can't be immersed in sadness, so he grabs Miya's hand and runs fast.

However, it's useless for them to run. Soon, they are captured by Bruce's subordinates. They are tied up and locked in a dark basement.

Miya is about to break down. She is surprised to return to this place. This is her nightmare in her life.

"What exactly do you want? What do you want us to do before you let us go?" she shouts at Bruce.

However, Alex is extremely calm.

"You kill my daughter and make my family so miserable. Do you think I will let you two go? I will cut you into pieces."

now. She knows very well that Bruce means it. His tone is so serious that he shouldn't

to do with him. If you want to take revenge, just kill me." Miya wants to take

Alex says, "We don't need to beg

right now. You lead to my misery. I had a hard time looking for my daughter, but you caused her to die." Bruce flushes with anger, with the blue veins popping

whips Miya ruthlessly, "You bitch. You should have died. The person

nothing to say. She only

If you want to vent anger, just come at me. This has nothing to do with him."

die together. So don't say those stupid words again," Alex says in

you, I'll be happy no matter whether I'm alive or dead." He

couple! But I'm not in the mood to watch you shed crocodile

a sharp knife. Miya is so frightened that she closes her eyes. Just as Bruce is about to stab her, Anson suddenly rushes out and stands in front of

Anson's chest. Seeing that he has stabbed at his son, Bruce withdraws

will protect her," Anson

body trembles as he takes a few steps back. And Anson loses his strength and lies on the ground,

why are you so stupid? Why did you rush over to protect me?" Miya shouts since she can't

and is stabbed by the knife just to protect

said that I'm destined to live and die for you in this lifetime. However, this may be the last thing I do for you. What I regret is that I

person beside

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