The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 918 Self-abandonment

Little by little, Miya is sinking until she is completely immersed in the water. She wishes John to jump into the pool and save her. Since she has sacrificed her life to save him just now, so she thinks that he will definitely come to save her. However, she doesn't expect Rory to falls into the pool too.

The security guards finally rush over and subdue those bad people. Miya sees John jump into the pool, thinking that he is going to save her. However, John rescues Rory from drowning. Miya isn't discouraged because she knows that they owe Rory.

She believes that John will come to save her after placing Rory on the ground. However, she waits for a long time, only to see John carry Rory away. She is even more sorrowful when seeing John's anxious face. 'Does he just leave me alone?'

'Does he only care about Rory? What does he think I am? Am I nothing in his eyes?' This thought breaks Miya's heart. She sees her blood reddening the water and feels that she is probably going to die in this swimming pool.

However, she thinks it is good, because she won't feel heartbroken if she dies. And she won't see the scene of her beloved man being with another girl. Moreover, John doesn't love her now, so what is the point of her living in the world? Therefore, Miya stops struggling and closes her eyes, abandoning herself to despair.

To Miya, losing John is losing everything she has.

Nothing else can disturb her heart.

'Goodbye.' She loses her lust for life. The icy water is hitting her body. She has become desperate when John carried Rory away. He doesn't even look back, as if Miya isn't there.

Forget it. She doesn't want to live in the sad world anymore. It's chaos all over the place, but Miya doesn't care since she is despairing.

She closes her eyes and is prepared to walk into another world. She doesn't want anything now.

However, a handsome man jumps into the pool and saves her.


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I won't believe what you're saying. There is nothing important to me in this

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same time? I feel bad for you. Can't you treat yourself better for me?" Anson shouts with almost all his strength. He wants to comfort Miya, and

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