The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 917 Protect Him from Being Stabbed

She feels that this group of people is ill-disposed, because their eyes are all fixed on John.

John and Rory have already walked off the stage. Both of them are holding a glass of wine and talking with others. Miya is surprised to see the director and Bruce here. She is confused, wondering why a big shot like Bruce comes to such a small wedding.

She knows the answer when she sees that Bruce is hugging the director by her waist. They seem to be intimate. Are they having an affair?

This is a piece of big news. Miya finally understands why the director can do things without scruple. It turns out that Bruce has always been supporting her.

Miya finds that Bruce has been looking at the director with love in his eyes. Miya can tell that he really likes the director. Is Rory Bruce's daughter?

Bruce doesn't like Miya already, so Miya is worried that he will join hands with the director and Rory to deal with her.

This thought unsettles Miya.

She has wondered why John suddenly gets engaged to Rory since he has clearly been taken away by Bruce. But now, this can be explained.

As Miya is wondering, she sees John pass by her.

His face is expressionless. Obviously, he completely treats Miya as a stranger.

His action wrings Miya's heart. How can John treat her like this? How can he forget everything he has said before?

can't hold herself back any longer. She rushes forward and grabs

with terrifying malice and

hand before he says anything. She

don't you remember

John, Miya bits her lips and

want to

at Miya, saying in an

like a knife,

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Miya is crying bitterly.

have the slightest bit of compassion for her. Instead, he continues to

her. She feels that it's unnecessary to ask again.

the group of sneaky people is slowly approaching

pool and looking at Rory. They are smiling to each other happily, as if they

suddenly feels that she is out of place here. However, she finds

sad place immediately,

those people

moving closer to John,

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