The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 909 Let's Save Him Now

But just as Miya is about to leave, Anson is still clinging to her hand. "I beg you not to pester me anymore. You can only be relieved from pain by leaving me. I really don't want to hurt you anymore."

Then, Miya shakes off Anson's hand forcefully. When she tries to rush out, Anson falls off the bed and onto the ground.

Watching Anson crawl over with bleeding thighs, Miya feels guilty and worried. "Why are you doing this? You will hurt yourself."

However, Anson hugs Miya's legs tightly and says, "I won't let you leave."

Miya believes that Anson is almost crazy. The bodyguard aside can't help saying, "How long are you going to torture him? He has suffered a lot. If you leave him now, he will die from heartbreak."

Hearing the bodyguard's accusation, Miya hesitates about leaving. The bodyguard is right. She can't treat Anson so cruelly.

"I know what I should do now. I won't leave. You can go to bed and have a good rest, OK?"

When Anson hears that, he nods happily like a child. "As long as you don't leave me, I will always listen to you."

Why is he so devoted to her? In the following days, Miya takes care of him.

One day, Miya gets absent-minded after Anson goes to bed to rest. Because she really worries about John, and she doesn't know what is going on with him.

But just as she wants to walk out of the door, the bodyguard stops her.

Master is asleep? Aren't you too cruel to him? He has done so much for you. What else can you do

him is the best choice." Miya can't find any

have let you go. But now he can't live without

get me some news

deal for you, but he means a lot to me. I didn't mean to hurt Anson. I really

way." The

who is lying on the bed, opens his eyes and purses his lips. "Do as she says. You shall listen to her from now on. Do you understand? You must protect her

you. How can you let me

don't listen

has to suppress his anger. All Miya can do is to look at Anson

Miya immediately goes to him and supports him. "You

however, holds her hand tightly. "Do you know how happy I was when I

hurriedly withdraws her hand. "You

him. Actually, I don't mind. As long as I can stay by your side, I can protect you two, if you give me a

You don't mind, but

feels overwhelmed. She doesn't know how to solve this problem.

I will save him with you. I know that is what you want. I'll

head in embarrassment. He is so nice to her that she doesn't

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