The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 908 Departure

Miya helplessly turns her head, because she has had enough of the life here. She only wants to go back and save John.

"Miya, don't be so excited. I said I would help you. I will stand by your side wholeheartedly, even if it is against the whole world," says Anson affectionately.

However, Miya doesn't want to listen to him. She covers her ears with her hands and says, "I beg you not to say that to me again. I only want to go back and find John now. He is my whole world. You are nothing to me. I beg you, don't pester me anymore."

Miya pushes him away desperately, but she accidentally pushes Anson down.

She also feels very surprised. When does she become so powerful? How could she push him away so easily?

But when Miya sees Anson's thigh bleeding after he falls down, she feels a bit sorry for him, "Why did you get injured?"

Anson’s bodyguard walks in. "In order to save you, Master hurt himself. He stabbed himself in the thigh with his saber before Mr. Bruce. However, you didn't pay him back but hurt him again! You make it harder for him."

After hearing this, Miya feels even guiltier. She looks at Anson with concern, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. If I have known you were injured, I wouldn't have done this."

"It's too late." The bodyguard wants to defense Anson.

Anson is lying on the ground weakly. His thighs are covered in blood. The wounds must be very deep, Miya guesses. Miya doesn't know what to say at the thought of the bodyguard's words.

you call a doctor?" After a while, Miya

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I was voluntary." Anson struggles to get up from the ground. But just as he stands up, he

Bruce is right. She doesn't deserve it. You've done so much for her. What has she done for you? She did nothing

only when you truly love someone will you do anything for her. That's how I feel. You must help me take good care of her. No one is allowed to offend her

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