The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 906 Catching Them All in One Go

Several doctors are crowded in the room, and Miya is anxiously walking around outside.

No! She can hardly retain her composure. She wants to go in immediately and see the situation inside!

Just as Miya is about to barge in, Bruce suddenly comes out and stops her.

Miya feels as if she has completely lost control of herself, shouting, "I want to go in. Don't stop me!"

Bruce can't restrain his anger and says with a gloomy face, "You don't ask too much. You must know that if I want to kill you, you won't be able to live to tomorrow."

Miya is also stubborn.

"If you want to kill me, then do it now." Anyway, if John can't be saved, she will not want to live anymore.

"You...," Bruce is furious and points at Miya, saying, "Don't think that I don't dare to attack you!"

Miya maintains an indifferent attitude and says, "Then you can do it."

Bruce wants to slap this ungrateful woman in her face, but he suddenly remembers something and endures it. His expression is extremely gloomy.

"Don't let me see this woman. Besides, without my permission, they will definitely not be allowed to meet." After Bruce ruthlessly says this, he turns around and leaves.

Miya feels unsatisfied. Why not let them meet?

Afterwards, Miya is carried by two bodyguards and thrown into another room. She is like a cloth doll, being thrown on the ground.

What do you want to do? I want to go out!" Miya desperately knocks on the door and shouts, but in the

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you treating me like this? I'm here to tip you off." Derrick, however, does not feel surprised. He just

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Derrick sighs helplessly.

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Otherwise, I will not let you off," Anson says in an aggressive tone, as if there is no room

the rightmost room on the third floor. You should be cautious because this woman will get you killed

he directly goes in the direction Derrick

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