The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 904 True Love in Adversity

However, no matter how much Miya shouts, John is totally unresponsive. Is he really dead?

"Don't scare me. Can you talk to me?" Miya is crying hoarsely, but she still does not receive any response. The only one who responds to her is the squeaking mouse.

"John, I beg you. If you can hear me, answer me!"

Miya has already cried into tears. She does not understand why she lives such a hard life. She just wants to bring him home. Why can she not do such a simple thing? How long will they suffer? After all, God has already taken away Alex's memories.

In the darkness, Miya feels too scared. She can only randomly grope about in the pitch-black night. Suddenly, she touches something strange. It is like a machine. Then, she accidentally presses a switch on it.

Then, she sees a red subtitle appear in the darkness. It is a countdown timer. Now she finally understands that it is a bomb.

And the countdown shows that there are only five minutes left. It is tictacking rapidly, and her entire heart is about to fall into chaos.

Miya is as anxious as an ant in pants. She never expected that this would happen to her. But in the end, she still can't see John in the darkness.

"John, there's a bomb here. It's too dangerous. It's going to explode in five minutes. Wake up quickly." Miya can only shout with might and main.

John finally opens his eyes slowly.

the intense pain coming

finally heard her voice,

to die here. I'm the one who kills you," Miya

I shouldn't have gone to the orphanage to find you. Before you met me again, you were so happy and

with guilt. She is already speechless out of

I have no regrets. But I

John say these words with great difficulty, Miya is already

her entire body is about to go numb, so

to feel scared anymore, because I feel that dying with you is also a very happy thing." After John finished speaking, he coughs heavily. Because he has been forcefully enduring the pain on his head, he

hears John's words,

blamed. If I have a choice, I hope that I won't appear in front of you

haven't had a peaceful life since you met me. Rory is also like this. I'm like a jinx who always brings all sorts of bad luck

control her emotions and can only shed

is about to continue, she suddenly feels that something wet is blocking her

far beyond her expectations. This man can accurately find her lips in

very hard, as if he is purposely punishing her. Is that because of what she said

Miya also forgets all the sorrow. She can't

at this moment. They seem to have forgotten

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