The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 902 I Just Want to Stay with Him

John and Miya now walk around on the streets hand in hand.

"John, where are we going now?" Miya feels somewhat at loss.

Although Rory's decision makes everyone at ease, Miya feels a little overwhelmed by the sudden happiness. She doesn't know what to do now.

"Wherever you want to go," John says.

Miya tries to calm herself down and remembers that her intention is to go home to reunite with the children. Although John hasn't recovered his memories, she wants to take him back right now.

Miya holds John's hand tightly and says, "Really?"

John nods firmly. He stares at Miya deeply and wears a sweet smile with his beautiful and almost perfect lips.

She looks at John's exquisite face, which is somewhat blurry because of the darkness of the night, but it has an extraordinary charm.

They act like a couple who has just fallen in love as they hold hands tightly and their fingers are clasped together. And Miya has the feeling that they are eloping, which makes her laugh out.

"Actually, what I want to say is that no matter where you want to go, I will go with you. So, don't hide anything from me, OK?"

As John speaks, he holds Miya into his arms again. However, just then, a voice sounds behind them.

"Let go of her!"

It is Anson.

Anson. But John reacts quickly as he tries to pull her back. So she is pulled by the two

hurting me," Miya

see Miya's painful expression, so they let go of

going to be with me. Are you going back on your word now? How can you do this? How can you keep deceiving me again and again? Well, you can't do

can't stand Miya being with other guys, not to mention that they are acting so intimately. On the other side, John is breathing heavily, as

to tell you. You'd better not to have any indiscriminate thoughts about her, because

his lips and feels furious, his

that I have made a condition with her. I won't let you two be together. She's mine," Anson says

Anson. Anson doesn't expect that and gets hit in the face. But he manages to remain calm. He touches the blood at the corner of his mouth in a

is your purpose

unable to make up my mind. But now I'm sure that she is the one that want in my life. So, I will not allow other men to approach her," John says arrogantly, his

if I tell you that she is pregnant

accept it. She

even more protective of Miya. He defends, "She has been with me these days. I know whether she is pregnant or

pulls Miya behind

how come you know a woman's body so well?" Anson

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