The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 900 Pretend to Be Happy

After eating up the porridge, Rory seems to be satisfied. She lies on the bed, but suddenly opens her eyes after a while.

Miya is shocked for having no idea what will happen.

"Take me out for relaxation. Having stayed in this room for the past few days, I feel sick already. I can't wait to play with the children, and they must miss me too." Rory shows a spoiled and cute expression to her again.

Miya can't help but sigh. What a capricious girl. But she likes the way Rory is now.

"Okay, I'll take you out now."

"Awesome." Rory gesticulates merrily over there as a child.

Miya feels that Rory has completely changed. Could this the result of being reborn after death? When she brings Rory out, Rory holds her hand and arm, as intimate as two sisters.

Walking over to them, John is stunned at the sight of it.

Rory sees John, but avoids him deliberately and runs to play with the children. John notices it, yet he doesn't walk straight up to talk to her; instead, he walks towards Miya.

"What happened? Why did Rory's attitude towards you change so much suddenly?" John is mystified.

Not to mention John, even Miya doesn't understand what is going on.

her today, and she finished it obediently. Now she is playing with the

she had clearly heard that Rory was shouting at the director and was furious at her. However, things are totally different now. Miya is

better than before. She hates to see Rory hysterical. And this

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Rory stays in this state."

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the so-called Anson again. For some reason, every time he sees that man, he feels uncomfortable and fears that man will snatch away the most important thing

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her happy, Miya feels less guilty. However, there is still a knot in her

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