The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 898 She's So Tired

However, when they become serious, Miya is a little embarrassed. Because she always feels an indescribable sense of guilt when facing Rory and the director.

Lying on the bed, Rory slowly opens her eyes. However, seeing John and Miya, she deliberately turns her face away without saying anything.

"Rory, how do you feel?" The director immediately asks with concern.

Rory simply remains silent like a piece of wood.

"Dear, don't scare Mom. Could it that you become mute for getting overexcited?" The director starts to make a fuss again.

"Don't talk nonsense." John hurriedly interrupts her.

Actually, the director only says that to arouse Miya's guilt.

"I don't understand either. Why did I become like this? What did I do wrong? Why did you stay with the other woman and ignore me?" Rory looks at John with tears in her eyes as she pleads bitterly.

"None of this is your fault. Don't think too much about it now. What matters now is to take care of yourself," John can only say this now.

Rory can't help but continue, "Will you leave me once I get better? I'm so scared to see it coming."

Rory desperately grabs John's hand and says.

shake her hands off. Instead,

hear is that you will never leave me. Tell me you will

I will help you deal with everything." In the end, John

you trying to hide from me? Are you really going to run away with this woman? I heard your conversation just now. Hadn't

cries while patting herself on

down. This isn't what you

it have to do with you when I am talking

Miya's imagination. What should

to leave first. Soon, she gets it and walks out. She knows that even if the sky fell, this man would shoulder it because he

because I know he is my Mr.

the way she often uses to convince

keeps asking. Her depressing appearance makes people feel sorry

John remains mute.

that you can leave as you please. I won't be a

her bad condition. Many things

to get over it again? I am not that spineless. I'm not going to die without men. I don't want others' things. You can go. I don't want to talk or see you now. Every time I

say such words. He is truly

from astonishment, he is filled with

you? You are so horrible! Why are you still dating others? You do like me." The next second, Rory

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