The Bully Girl in Qi's Arms is Beautiful

The Bully Girl in Qi's Arms is Beautiful

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Chapter 519: It's too much

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The eldest miss of the Lin family is a sick child or mentally retarded. She came back suddenly after leaving home for more than ten years——
He is not only beautiful in appearance, intelligent in mind, but also ruthless in means.

The blood jade reappears and the vampire awakens. She appears as a young lady of the Lin family and returns to the Lin family, setting off a

He is the head of a century old family, cold and paranoid, but he is very gentle to her and takes care of her carefully.

It was cold. Miss Lin coughed badly when she got up. Mr. Qi was so angry that he punished all his servants.

Everyone: it's so innocent. It's Miss Lin who is in poor health.

Sunny, Miss Lin went out for a walk, accidentally hit a fight, Qi Ye immediately rushed to protect, "is it you bullying my stream?”

People on the ground: she bullied us.

From then on, the emperor spread a saying: when you meet Miss Lin, you must walk around. You'd rather offend Mr. Qi than Miss Lin.


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