The Billionaire's Secret Lover

Chapter Six: Wedding Rehearsal

It's still feels like a dream to me. I met him after searching for him all these years. And he's engaged to my friend. Though, we've just met but I still regard Debby as a friend. She was the only person that reach out to me apart from Lilian. Speaking of Lilian, I need to prepare cos we're going to the wedding rehearsal today being Sunday.

I have called Lily and she told me that she will be back in time today for the rehearsal. I'm to meet her at the venue which is like two hours drive from where I stay.

I quickly put on my teal green strapless gown with a white platform. I got into my car and drive all the way through, have call Lily and she said she's already at the venue. I can't wait to see her. Gosh I've missed her!!.

Exactly two hours later, I packed in front of a big white St Patrick's cathedral,where Lilian will be getting married in three months time.

I saw Lilian rushing to meet me, she was putting on a white ball gown, her hair was packed up in a ponytail and bouncing at her back as she run to meet me. I quickly got out of the car and meet her halfway,and hug her. I saw danny walking to meet us and he also hug and greet me.

"Hey! Nina," he bend to kiss me on my cheeks.

" long time no see" he smile while hugging me and lily together.

"Hey! to you too"

During the few times I've got to meet him, we've gotten closer and I like him much more than some guys, speaking of him! Where is he?. My eyes scan the whole parking lot and around the church but there was no sign of Michael anywhere.

He's suppose to be here since he's Danny best man, though I didn't ask Lily nor Danny as walk into the church.

The priest was standing on the pulpit dressed in a white robe. He was quite old. But his voice is quite young when he talks.

"Are you all ready "He ask as he look at Danny who was trying to make a phone call.

"Not yet!! "We are still waiting for Michael " Danny went back to typing away on his phone while the priest sat down on one of the chairs on the pulpit.

I sensed him before he enter into the auditorium. My body couldn't contain the excitement that washed through me. Ever since meeting him my heart beat has exploded.

"Sorry I'm late"Michael said as he stroll slowly into the church looking dashing ever in a teal green tuxedo and a white shirt. I didn't know I was checking him out until Lily tap me on the shoulder and give me a look that says "isn't he cute? " as she smile.

I'm happy that he's here but didn't like the fact that he brought Debby. She was putting on a teal green palazzo trouser with a white top and clinking to his arms like he will disappear the moment she let's go.

She greeted me with a wink without letting go of Michael's arm and I responded with a nod. Gosh! I hate her already.

Lilian's and Danny's parents were already seated, I didn't notice them come in after Michael cos I was preoccupied with gawking at Michael. But nonetheless, I went to greet Lilian's parents. They were like my second parents. My family owe them alot. They were happy to see me and ask after my dad. Then we got ready for the rehearsal.

Danny was already Standing in front of the priest while Micheal stood behind him. Lilian and I were getting ready to walk down the aisle. Walking behind Lillian who was holding into the arms of her father, I couldn't help but wish that I was walking with my father to meet Micheal.

I look at Michael, only to find his eyes on me, his face was hard, I couldn't know what he was thinking. I hold his stare as I walk up to him and stood beside him.

Lillian and Danny stood in front of the priest while we both stood behind them. They took turns to say their vows. Everyone clapped when they were through. Lilian turn to hug everyone including me while mouthing "Thank you".



quiet with I and Deborah

a white top. Her hair was packed into a ponytail, she's light-skin, 6

man's dream wife. But no matter how beautiful she looks, I will never love her as my wife. I know she loves me but I don't love

time we are together we don't talk to each other but when in the public will try to act

her right from the beginning that I don't love her and that our marriage will be

her hands around me. I wanted to remove her hands

"Sorry I'm late!"

that they were all waiting for

green gown, which fitted her as

she notice my eyes on her but her expression change when she

wasting time we all got into our role

of the pulpit, while Lillian and Nina

looked at me and I hold her stare. Within me I couldn't help but wish

everyone were rushing to get home

into her car. I rush to follow her at least to talk to her

avoiding me like plague. Is it because of Deborah Melton?. This stupid woman! Shouldn't she fight for the one she loves. I felt the connection when she was

we were seated at the back

saying, right now all I'm thinking about

I saw you rushing to meet her after the rehearsal".

sigh. She's obviously the best pretender in the world, here

with all of my heart" I reply as I clench and unclench my fist. I have never been this annoyed and disgusted with any woman in my life. But right now, it took all of my willpower for me not

I'm sorry, just didn't want to upset you yesterday, that's why I lied. But there's nothing between us any longer, she obviously doesn't love me anymore". I

She question still

to Clea her face. She quieted down


answer, her eyes still

ask her as I watch her face for any sign of

Why?" She said not the bit startled, and

Just wondering if you went somewhere after your parents'

of my dad's car home" she

lying, so I decided to drop it wouldn't want

to me"

safe. Nina miller is one of the stubborn woman I know apart from my mom. I just wish she will give me the chance to

to frustrate you. Can't she know that I don't want to talk about it?. That just hearing her name is making me want to do things to her,

and turn to face the other side with tears in her eyes. I couldn't care less. I touch the privacy button, as I open the screen


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