I didn't know. Something about the way she played made the deepest of my fears alive. Maybe it was how at ease she was with everyone or the way she closed her eyes as her delicate fingers consumed the piano like it was her own favorite miracle. That scared me because whenever I looked into her soft green eyes, I had to know everything that she did and felt; it was like we were connected by unbreakable strings. I couldn't get enough but something inside of me told me that I shouldn't have let her in because love was like killing yourself slowly. I loved my mom but she left, so I was biased about love.


She stopped playing and took a deep breath as if she was afraid to speak to me. It was something about the aura I radiated around her but my colored eyes couldn't leave hers. It was like our eyes were interlocked into an attraction phase that made the whole world around us stop.


I wanted her to continue and she saw that on my face as she shyly giggled, enjoying my desperation. Her fingers touched my hand as she guided my fingers on the piano keys. I didn't know what was more breathtaking, the sight of her or the grand piano that held various keys.


My mind went to blank when she urged me to go on as I tapped random keys making a light tone. I honestly didn't know how to play any instrument.


"Mom, can I play with that guitar?" I asked as I pointed to the display center of the shop, where it had a blue electric guitar.


"No, honey, they won't let us." Mom reasoned with the pained expression.


"Why not? Don't you like to try?" I questioned.


"I tried once and ended up with your father." She sniffled as if she wanted to let go of her tears.