I was aware that I had been staring at him quite a few times when he would go to his lectures or smoked in the empty hallways. It was the lunch break and I had to go practice but something allured me to enter the cafeteria.


"Is this real?" Alexa’s eyes broadened when she saw me, I blushed as her friends guarded me with their eyes, "no way, it's the first time you come to the cafeteria." She gasped and I gave a smile to everyone before sitting next to Alexa, who was too busy gaping at me.


"Don't be dramatic," I flatly said as my eyes assessed the red and white stripes on the walls of the cafeteria, "and I will practice more after school," I added just for her info.


"That means you can always come here during lunch breaks?" Her eyes widely sparkled at me.


"Nope." I grinned when she gave me an annoyed glare. Some people here actually like the way I play in the school events and charities. I felt blessed that I knew something so passionately because I thought of mom every time I played. !t was like every time I played the piano, she was there to listen, it was the only connection between us.


Tia, Daniel, and Vivian were Alexa's friends, who left nothing to the imagination as they gossiped at each guy and girl at school, I was beginning to regret coming here.


Tuning them out, my eyes found the amber ones that I had grown so familiar to as he walked into the cafeteria with a rude attitude that scattered across too many people as they directly averted their eyes from him. He had so much violence in him that it staggered me, how deep could his past be?


His muscles bulged out of the first few opened button of his white shirt and he was appealing to the eyes. He was dangerous and I knew better than to stay away from him. My mom would have wanted that.