"Don't you ever get tired?" Mrs. Davidson inquired softly at the empty room that had been a lovely company with my piano play collection for the winter ball.


"No, I'm fine.” I smiled when she walked in front of my piano and smiled back. She was the one who kept encouraging me to keep playing even after my mom died, it was my therapy.


I was destined to keep playing as the passionate hunger kept increasing within me when I grew up.


It was an escape from the amber-eyed guy I had seen. I had been thinking a lot about him, he gave off the scary face and the haunting past vibes but it only made my curious side appear even more. Every time I stopped now, I would start thinking about him so I instantly focused more on the piano keys, the guy faded into the back of my mind.


"I'm going to lock up now." She announced regretfully for stopping me, I let it go as I nodded and closed the piano lid.


“I'm sorry I made you wait." I apologized as she patted my shoulder.


"It's okay, I had a meeting.” She explained and I stood up with my bag that Alexa packed for me after school. I usually play after school for two hours, this time I went for three hours as the gloomy weather started to get clouded indicating a storm was approaching.