The memories blended in with the melodies of the piano earlier. When I took a seat lazily at the end of each class, I stared out of the window.


"Mommy, dad ripped my books and the teacher got angry at me." My lip trembled.


"All will be well, honey.” She sighed as she talked to the teacher over the phone.


My eyes sensed the arrival of the girl from earlier entered the room, I could tell she was trying to imagine that I wasn't there with her in the room and I got the message loud and clear. She was a show off when she played the piano and it was like the sounds danced around her. There was something unknown about her that aggravated me, ! could tell by her constant head shaking and the way her eyes looked to the side in anxiety.


My eyes assessed the normal students around me as I observed serenely and guessed what their lives were like. In front of me, to the right side, was a girl who had big round eyeglasses and oily black hair, I could tell that she wanted to get that boy's attention, my eyes drifted to the Asian boy that was sitting with his back in front of her. I also peacefully gazed at the blonde haired girl beside the nerdy one as she chewed gum and texted her one temporary boyfriend as she smiled glumly. These people didn't know the worst, they were busy worrying about normal problems.


"Attention here, Mister Adams." The history teacher, Mr. Vann, strictly said to me.


"Isn't it enough that I am in your class? You have no reason to order me." It was hilarious how all the heads turned around to gape at my offensive talk.