Charlie put his hand into his pocket, tried his best to control the beating of the ring,

And at the same time couldn’t help cursing in his heart, “I thought you were some kind of amazing baby, but after working on you for a long time,”

“It’s just such a weak function that can’t be any weak, another day!”

“I should throw you to Ervin, let him bury you in the latrine!”

The moment Claudia pushed open the bedroom door, Charlie saw Maria, who was a little pale, sitting on the chair in front of the desk with her brows furrowed.

Seeing Charlie come in, she quickly stood up, and said a little awkwardly and weakly,

“Mr. Wade, I’m really sorry to trouble you to come here so late…” Charlie looked at her and said with a smile,

“Miss Cathy, you don’t have to be so polite, you are Claudia’s roommate, so I should come here.”

Claudia hurriedly said, “Brother Charlie, you don’t have to call her so politely, call her Cathy. It is just fine.”

Then she said to Maria, “Cathy, Brother Charlie is ten years older than me, and almost eleven years older than you, why don’t you do the same as me and call him Brother Charlie.”

Maria was slightly taken aback, hesitated for a moment, and said to Charlie cautiously, “Brother Charlie…”

Seeing this, Charlie smiled cheerfully, “Since you call me brother. You are just like Claudia. You are welcome.”

“Cathy, Claudia said you have a terrible headache, what is going on, can you tell me about it?”

When Maria heard this, she couldn’t help slandering in her heart, “Charlie, you villain. It’s all thanks to you that I have such a severe headache, yet you pretend to be fine and ask me what’s going on,”

“Don’t you think about it?” Although she felt wronged in her heart, she didn’t dare to let Charlie see it. Then she dragged her temple with one hand, and said sadly,

“I don’t know what’s going on, I was fine all the time, but on the day of reporting to school, I started to have a headache for no reason,”

“And this kind of headache is really terrible, it feels like countless needles have been stuck into my brain, and then these needles are still connected to a thread,”

my pulse, the pain is almost as if it’s going

said again, “Besides, I took a lot of painkillers these two days, but basically it didn’t work.

that his psychological hint of exerting too much force last time would bring such

I don’t tell, Charlie will never know

suffer a

in his heart, unavoidable guilt, thinks about a seventeenyear-old girl who almost died at the

in China to study at a university, and being tossed

said to Maria, “Cathy,

but when she thought of the pulse taking, there would inevitably be physical contact, and she felt a

want to get the pulse?”

in front of Maria, and patted his right

placed on the table for a

table is behind you, it’s inconvenient,

me help, I’ll probably know what’s going

knew that she couldn’t refuse, he could only carefully stretch

she had never had such intimate contact with

hand touched Charlie’s thigh, her heartbeat accelerated instantly,

didn’t care about

knew in his heart that calling Maria’s pulse was

energy. The best way to treat her was to directly enter some spiritual energy to repair the

fake ring,

they grew up by the sea

they pretend to be fans of shark fins, they will be

now that Maria most likely doesn’t remember him, if he directly poured spiritual energy

give her half a blood-scattering heart-saving pill. Anyway, this thing is not worth much

Dispersing and Heart Saving

his title of Master Wade was well-known in Aurous Hill. It is estimated that even Claudia had mentioned it to Maria.

majestic Master Wade took out a cure It is reasonable for the elixir for all diseases

Maria have a preliminary understanding that although this thing is good, he

lightly on the pulse gate of Maria’s wrist, closed

then said, “Cathy, judging from your

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