Chapter 3387

Seeing that Jiro was full of tears, Charlie gently patted his shoulder and said in a serious tone, "Jiro, work well here, neither Orvel nor I will treat you badly."

Jiro bowed repeatedly with immense gratitude and choked up under his breath, "Mr. Wade! Thank you! I will definitely! Will definitely work well! I won't let you and Master Orvel down! Please don't worry!"

Charlie saw Jiro keep bowing, his long, unkempt hair tossed back and forth, and smiled in satisfaction, "Not bad, not bad, I've felt your sincerity."

After that, he looked at Orvel and said, "Orvel, give Jiro another two thousand allowance, Jiro wants something, or want to eat or drink, you can arrange someone to buy it for him."

"The money will be deducted from the two thousand, as long as the things bought do not violate the principle, are no problem!"

Orvel smiled, "Okay Master Wade!"

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