Chapter 3386

Charlie blandly said, "This one is more obedient, let him follow Jiro and learn how to clean."

"Let him work well here in these two days, and the day after tomorrow I will take him with Zynn."

"Okay!" Orvel nodded and said to another henchman, "Go, call Jiro over."

Soon, Jiro, who was wearing a waterproof apron and holding a large broom in his hand, ran over with a faint heart and when he saw that it was Charlie.

He said with an excited face, "Mr. Wade! You haven't been here for a while!"

Charlie smiled slightly and asked him, "Jiro, how have you been these days?"

Jiro said, "Very well, very well, very well! Mr. Orvel and his men are very good to me, but serving that Walter is indeed a bit troublesome, but it does not matter, it can be overcome!"

"Walter ah...... " the corner of Charlie's mouth rose slightly, this Walter, is the one who

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