Chapter 3376

Three hours later, Hamid's scouts sent word that the government troops had begun to retreat.

Most of the infantry had left one after another in vehicles, and the original artillery and armored vehicles had also withdrawn to the capital, leaving only some soldiers to pack up tents, portable shelters, and other supplies.

And at this time, Hamid's adjutant came to report, claiming that a helicopter was approaching the base.

Hamid knew that this must be Sayid coming to sign the armistice agreement, so he instructed his adjutant to bring it directly to his command after the other party arrived.

Soon, a few soldiers brought both Sayid and Walter to the command headquarters.

When he saw Charlie, the first thing Sayid did was to bow respectfully and said, "Master Wade, I'm really sorry for keeping you waiting!"

Charlie smiled faintly: "It's okay, how is the situation on your side?"

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