Chapter 3395

Charlie hung up Sara's phone and drove out of Tomson, he saw Aoxue, who was dressed in sportswear, standing in front of a tall Ford pickup truck.

This little girl is tall and outstanding, coupled with years of martial arts training, the whole person's heroic, standing in front of this muscle pickup truck, she seems more and more valiant.

Seeing him driving out, she hurriedly waved her hand at him and said happily, "Master Wade!"

Charlie pulled the car over and smiled, "Aoxue, did your father send you here?"

"Yes!" Aoxue smiled cheekily, pointed to the back of the pickup truck, and spoke, "My dad said you needed a lot of medicinal herbs, so he let me drive them here for you."

Charlie nodded and smiled, "That's really hard on you, Aoxue."

"It's not hard work!" she busily said, "Master Wade, open the trunk, I'll help you put the herbs in."

Charlie pushed the door and got out while saying seriously, "How can I let a lady do this kind of thing? It's better for me to carry it myself."

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