Chapter 3360

Walter frowned and asked, "From what you're saying, it seems like all of this is attributed to you?”

"Of course." Charlie raised his eyebrows and smiled, "Without exaggeration, most of it is due to me."

Walter hummed and laughed, and asked rhetorically in an unkind tone, "So, it seems like you're a bully, huh?"

Charlie nodded and said with his fingers, "You see, the tactical planning of permanent fortifications with counter-slope defense pits, the guidance of abandoning the bases in the valley and transferring them to the mountain pits."

"Plus the strategic core of building high walls, accumulating grain, and slowly claiming the throne, all of these were my ideas, and with the guidance of these tactical essences, even a bunch of mud-legged people can play out far beyond the imagination of ordinary people's combat potential."

"These are tailor-made for Hamid by me, from the first two major victories, I really kinda bully."

Saying that, Charlie gave a slight beating and laughed again, "At least, a little more bullying than you."

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