Chapter 3358

So, he took Charlie and boarded the helicopter that had been prepared long ago and headed to the other side's frontline command.

After flying for about ten minutes, the helicopter slowly landed in front of a piece of movable houses.

The conditions were indeed much better compared to the tents.

Moreover, both the tent and the activity board room are covered with camouflage cloth, from the sky, is a dense camouflage, it is difficult to distinguish where is the officer station.

After getting off the plane, Victor took Charlie, all the way to the frontline meeting room of the Cataclysmic Front, while walking, Charlie was asked: "You brother, still do not know what to call you? Where are you from in China?"

Charlie said indifferently, "Ask what you should ask, don't ask what you shouldn't."

Victor's teeth are almost clenched, but can only say awkwardly: "Not...... later I have to introduce you to our commander ah, we always say a name, right?"

Charlie casually said, "My surname is Wade, you guys call me Master Wade on the line."

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