Chapter 3367

Walter heard Charlie's words, first stunned, then sneered and said, "You think very well, but it is impossible for him to get his life back!"

After saying that, Walter added: "Even if...... even if you tell this matter........ to the highest level of the government army now..... they....... they will not believe your side of this story...... you are the enemy!"

"The only one who can make..... the highest level of the....... government army.......  believe this matter is only him!"

"But...... he's dead! Dead people are....... never able to say anything!"

Charlie skimmed his mouth and said indifferently, "Fortunately, it's only a few minutes, it's not cold yet, there is still salvation."

"Impossible!" Walter could not hide his shock and said: "Although I did not use my full strength, but his heart has been badly bruised, not even if gods descend to save him!

Charlie smiled and asked him: "The reason you didn't use your full strength just now. It was because you wanted to frame me, right?"

Saying that, Charlie said to himself: "Just now I was wondering, how can one say that this old dog is also a six-star martial artist, if you really use all your strength to punch out."

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