Chapter 3366

It turned out that Charlie directs his own fist, slammed into Walter's heavy fist.

He thought it would be at least a Martian collision with the Earth, but who would have thought that the result, as easy as a hammer smashing walnuts!

Charlie's fist is the hammer, and Walter's fist is like a walnut smashed by a hammer!

Charlie had eaten a lot of rejuvenating pills as mellitus, although the rejuvenating pills could not replenish his aura, but greatly improved his body."

"It is no exaggeration to say that it is a bronze wall, plus the right fist has aura assistance, is indestructible, how can Walter's fist be his opponent.

Walter's whole body was scared out of his mind, he knew that this kind of strength is far from a martial artist's! Even with the eight meridians all open Joseph, also does not have such a powerful strength!

He looked at Charlie dumbfounded, pained, and horrified, and asked, "You..... what

exactly are you...... "

Charlie smiled faintly and spoke, "I already told you, call me Master Wade!"

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